Rani Nair is riveting in Future Memory... 

5th September 2015 - The Straits Times, Singapore 

Red sneakers, sleeveless top, unshaven underarms - Rani Nair's irreverence was endearing and atypical in the context of classical Indian dance. Future Memory was centred on the solo piece Dixit Dominus that was choreographed by Kurt Jooss for dancer Lilavati Hager, who chose to gift it to Swedish-born Nair.

One segment had a video clip of Hager's performance playing on the television screen with Nair comfortably perched on the television set, looking down at the late dancer and providing the audience with her analysis of the dance.

With the central theme of "what you take, shall be lost to you - what you give, will remain yours forever", the piece was powerfully poignant. Although it dragged in a couple of parts, Nair was refreshingly unassuming, lending focus to the dance and issues of history, memory, inheritance and legacy.... CONTINUE READING




30th November 2015 - The Straits Times, Singapore

VISWA PRANA: The Cosmic Breath, a special commission of the Esplanade's Kalaa Utsavam, was rooted in the bharatanatyam dance form. Choreographed and performed by Rama Vaidyanathan (India) and Ajith Bhaskaran Dass (Malaysia), the 90-minute work also featured more than 20 local dancers. Artistic direction and script were by Gowri Ramnarayan.

 The production set out to explore breath as the basis of life, facilitating interaction with the environment, internally and externally. It opened with much promise. Dancers executed abstract movements with powerful musical support in the first segment, Prana. The dancers' bodies undulated gracefully. The rhythm and repetition were suggestive of breath cycles. They then entered in pairs, traversing the stage in repeated movement patterns. This was followed by circular movements of the body that conveyed the idea of breath... CONTINUE READING



June 12th 2015 - The Straits Times, Singapore 

FIRE & ASH, a 90-minute performance piece that was part of the Dance India Asia Pacific Showcase, was scripted and directed by Ramnarayan who also played the pivotal role of narrator.  The production at the Esplanade Recital Studio on Thursday witnessed the coming together of spoken text (mainly English) with dance, vocal music, poetry and visual art. Underscoring the work as an attempt "to understand the primordial paradox called Siva", the narrator then explained ash and fire as symbols of destruction of negative forces and rejuvenation of positive energies... CONTINUE READING