"A never-before-seen piece in an ethereal garden laden with a multitude of hearts whose strings are being stricken in their meandering through the dancers' journey. The first and second stones are well crafted by your movements aesthetically tightening up by degrees the viewers' emotions and when the little brook of pipa starts gurgling, the emotional tension built up in the audiences' hearts starts to burst flowing towards the third and fourth stones. Amidst the light glittering on the ripples you are making in the ponds, tears are welling up in all the eyes surrounding your smiles. Thank you for creating such a tour de force for us"... Tan Swie Hian, on watching I Carry Your Heart

"The audience was encouraged to follow the performers as they traversed the Sculpture Garden and responded to the carved works and reflecting pools. At one point, my friend and I found ourselves literally in the center of the performance, with the dancers’ undulating limbs just centimeters from our bodies. It made for an unforgettable viewing experience!" .... Pooja Makhijani (notabilia.com) on watching I Carry Your Heart

"The spirit of life cycles, rebirth, love and acceptance that exist in the lines of the poem resonated through the dancers as they pressed against the crevices of the sculptures… Although a degree of improvisation occurred as the dancers journeyed around the objects and the space, the serene pace and sustained quality of the movement maintained a peaceful flow that was very powerful….The group reminded us of the empowering spirit of dance that can be a transformative force"…. Dr. Stephanie Burridge, CriticalDance.org, on watching I Carry Your Heart

Set us thinking! Challenge our perspectives and the narrow, cloistered, comfortable perceptions! RADHA NOW did just that. It is a phenomenal piece of work.”... Dr. Maha Sripathy, Aesthetics Magazine, Singapore

“Experimental dancer Nirmala Seshadri's Outcaste Eternal is an intense and moving multi- medium performance....The stark set worked well for the 42-year-old dancer, whose energetic presence filled up the entire space. She used the classical form, angika abhinaya (body); vachika (voice); aharya (accessories to communicate); and satvika (feelings and emotions that contort the face) to magnificent effect”... Woon Tai Ho, The Business Times, Singapore

'..... I found the production to be a moving testament to the human spirit'.... Venka Purushottaman, La Salle College of the Arts, Singapore, on watching Nirmala’s solo performance of Outcaste Eternal.

Kudos to the young choreographers, Nirmala and Neewin, who have shown that with innovative choreography and artistic imagination, even an abstract theme can be effectively communicated through the medium of dance” ...Indian Express, Chennai

Nirmala Seshadri and Neewin Hershall gave an impeccable dance performance in Chennai. Colour, form, line and movement met in an hour-and-a-half of images that flowed into each other as the dancers complemented each other in a sinuous flow that was at the same time grounded in the firm grasp of tradition.” ...Geeta Doctor, Femina

“Good choreography through languid movements helped the viewers assimilate what the dancers were trying to express. Another aspect that they aimed to address through this freedom and joy was that of androgyny and also that the form and the formless could co-exist.” ...The New Indian Express, Chennai

“The recital was an eloquent demonstration of the oft-repeated definition of tradition – that it entails preservation, innovation and transmission.” ...The Hindu, Thrissur

“When one tries to push the barriers with a good understanding of the classical art, the exercise seems worthwhile and enjoyable for the viewers too.” ...The Hindu, Chennai

“Crossroads was comparable to a prism. Movements and forms that were direct, like rays of light, merging into the seamless core of the heart, to be reborn as distinct lines of beauty. The performance took the audience through the medium of the classical art that defies compartmentalization.” ...The New Indian Express, Chennai.

“She has fine stage presence and poise in abhinaya which appears to be her forte. “Neene Anatha Bandhu was a soul-stirring piece. Nirmala’s talent as a choreographer par excellence was revealed here...The Daily, Bombay

“Nirmala Seshadri, a danseuse from Singapore.......... was quite at home with Bharatanatyam. With her inborn talent and aptitude, she has performed with aplomb.” ... Indian Express, Bombay

“Fluidity of movements, clean lines and rounded finish made her pure dance a joy to witness” ...TS Parthasarathy, Indian Express, Chennai

“(Nirmala gave) an impeccable recital in pure classical idiom...... There was no faltering anywhere and her adavus and postures were a treat to the eyes” ...TS Parthasarathy, Indian Express, Chennai

“There was a surge of energy and involvement, as well as an uninhibited approach”... The Hindu, Chennai