Of Conversations, Artistic Exchange, Tea & Much Laughter

Lalu Lalang Lab presents its study of Supermoon

I can't help feeling that each of us must have been longing, even subconsciously, for that space in which to converse, exchange, learn and evolve. Early this year, we began meeting on Saturday evenings (whenever possible). Our conversations take place over our little tea ritual; sometimes we progress to wine. Discussions lead to spontaneous sharings and experiencing of one another's artistic practices. Above it all, we focus on camaraderie and lots of laughter. 

There is also this collective embracing of the fact that we are mature artists exploring an intriguing space of vulnerability, life experience and an inner wisdom that we have become more and more aware of over the years. 

Tomorrow we will share our study of the concept of SuperMoon at the Padang Tari Festival. It's happening at 9pm at the outdoor main stage opposite Victoria Concert Hall.  

 Who we are: 



Clockwise: Aaron Khek (standing), Leslie Tan, Ix Wong Thien Pau & Nirmala Seshadri  Photo Credit: Jereh Leong

Clockwise: Aaron Khek (standing), Leslie Tan, Ix Wong Thien Pau & Nirmala Seshadri

Photo Credit: Jereh Leong

L3 started meeting in the Spring of 2016 to exchange, encounter, seek, investigate,and also question the journey of creative existence. This laboratory marks the rigour, commitment and curiosities of 4 established artists - Aaron Khek (Choreographer/dancer), Leslie Tan (Cellist), Nirmala Seshadri (Multidisciplinary Artist/Choreographer) and Ix Wong Thien Pau (Choreographer/dancer). L3’s attitude/approach towards art making is borderless and sans, hierarchies and labels. L3 also believes in opening its doors to other like-minded artists who would like to sit down to drink tea, chat and jam with us.

About SuperMoon: 

Photo Credit: Aaron Khek


SuperMoon is a multi-layered inquisition into the poetry, science and symbolism of the Moon, interweaving the L3 collaborators' personal histories and journeys, that are entwined with our artistic practices. The order of our prescription to this presentation will be our points of views in the treatment of music, dance, cultural memory, mythology and performance aesthetics.

 L3 attempts to present a study of these areas drawing reference and inspiration from the architectural concept of borrowed scenery with superimpositions of ancient poetry by Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty and poet Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda in Sanskrit, cello music from western composer Paul Hindemith as well as popular Chinese melodies.

L3’s practice-led research into SuperMoon also connects to the concept of Nayika (Sanskrit for ‘heroine in love’) and Sharad Poornima - the annual Hindu festival that marks the full moon in the lunar month of Ashvin. We are delighted to share our study of SuperMoon on October 15th, the night of Sharad Poornima. 

Joining us in presenting this study of SuperMoon, is talented contemporary dancer and choreographer Jereh Leong. It's been an absolute joy having Jereh join our ritual of chat, cha and thaka dhimi tha! 


Here we are joined by Jereh Leong (right in front)

Here we are joined by Jereh Leong (right in front)